The Fabulous Bookwormzillas!

Also known by their acronym  'The FABZ'

Literary Ambassadors of Cheer!

​A children's literary arts/writing collaborative that write and publish their own books to entertain, inform, and uplift. They read at children's hospitals, schools, libraries, and gift their books to youth homeless shelters, institutions, and many diverse community events and venues. They encourage and promote the love of reading, writing, literacy, and community involvement.

Hey Guys!   I am Rocko, The King of Pup Culture

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My first book "IF I WERE THE PRESIDENT'S DOG!"will be released 10/4/2016. It will be a welcomed diversion to all of the political hoopla that is going on. The children and animals are deeply affected by this very negative energy. The book is a quick read. It is very funny and engaging.
Everyone has a story, just different experiences. Even though I am a very small canine, I have feelings, hopes and dreams! God made us that way! I have stories to tell, but everyone is way too busy loving me to listen (which I love, so I'm not complaining!) 
My owner/mom is a designer and I had to be dog sat at times. I started speaking to GoldenEagle (my God-Mom/sitter) San Dei English-Anderson on my daily walks. She heard me, laughed out loud, and wrote down my thoughts and dreams! She then gave my transmitted thoughts to a group of kids she named The Fabulous Bookwormzillas! The Fabulous Bookwormzillas, Inc.They are a Children's literary arts/writing collaborative (501(c)(3)that she then formed to harness all of the creative genius of the 5 young budding literary phenoms that she mentors. The children were then asked to get my thoughts and feelings out in print to promote reading and to share and touch the lives of many! I became their muse! 
I am a very intelligent dog. I love children and sensitive adults! I watch whatever TV is left on; and I listen to everything that I can hear(and I can hear quite well!) That is how I became so proficient in Pop Culture! which includes, but is not limited to all dog and animal TV shows, Cesar Millan, News Broadcast, Bravo TV, Celebrities,Celebrity Dogs, Presidential Pets, all great Music, Music Doggs, Royal Canines, games, facts and memorabilia, Jeopardy TV show, Comedy of all kinds, talk shows, hip hop vernacular, and I Love my Creator (Father God) and all of the gifts of communication that he has given me! 




A Children's Literary Arts/Writing Collaborative


                        ROCKO'S RHYMES

"Nourish your it to feed it!